• Initial meeting with client

  • Determine Buyer’s desires (needs/wants in a new home)

  • Review duties / responsibilities of a Buyer’s Agent

  • Ensure Buyer is pre-approved with a known lender

01. Game Plan

  • Set Buyer up on a listing alert service

  • Preview properties on behalf of Buyer

  • Help Buyer select ideal property

02. Property Search

  • Obtain copy of Title information to identify property owner(s)

  • Contact Listing Agent to validate property is still available; confirm any special terms for offer

  • Prepare a Market Analysis in the area to determine offer price

  • Obtain and review available disclosures with Buyer

  • Prepare check Purchase Agreement on behalf of Buyer

03. The Offer

  • Present Buyer offer to Listing Agent

  • Ensure Buyer’s Lender available by phone in case finance questions are being asked by Listing Agent

  • Respond / negotiate counter-offers and contract addendums

  • Prepare new counter-offers / addendums on behalf of Buyer

  • Acknowledge ratified contract on behalf of Buyer


04. Negotiation

  • Send copy of ratified Purchase Agreement and Property Profile to Buyer’s Lender to start lender underwriting

  • Order any secondary inspections requested by Buyer

  • Be onsite for property inspections

  • Be onsite to meet appraiser with copies of current comps to assure maximum value is received by Buyer

  • Review new disclosures and inspections with Buyer

  • Negotiate contract adjustments and credits if new defects are found as part of property inspections

  • Assure loan underwriting moves forward on schedule

05. In Contract

  • Manage the timely release of contingencies on behalf of Buyer

  • Ensure Buyer has Certified Funds for amount due at closing

  • Ensure Lender funds are received by Title in time for closing

  • Provide a list of potential qualified vendors (e.g. movers, attorneys, carpenters, painters, etc.) if these services are needed

  • Validate house is clean and all of Seller’s possessions are removed prior to close of escrow

  • Monitor closing so transfer of property occurs as planned

  • Once property recording is complete, deliver keys to new Home Owner


06. Close of Escrow